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An example of how 2tonnes can be used in a company?

The greatest threat, the greatest opportunity? The ecological transition is a vital challenge for all companies.

With THE 2TONNES WORKSHOP, equip your employees with the knowledge they need to take action, and an inspiring vision of the ecological transition.


Enable them to be proactive in implementing it within the company!

All profiles:
from employees to management/COMEX

All sectors:
automotive, insurance, banking, consulting...

All sizes:
VSEs, SMEs, Major Groups...

Why and how to use 2tonnes in my business?


Train or raise awareness among work teams


Organize a truly mobilizing team-building or seminar?


Massively train your employees to accelerate the low carbon/CSR transformation of your company?


Become a facilitator to move my business?

In a nutshell

par atelier

1 anim
par atelier

De 6 à 15 participants par groupe

En présentiel ou 
à distance

*Version France ou Monde
(6 langues disponibles)


Several workshops can be run in parallel to reach up to 1000 people in one session!

Join us for a presentation meeting!

Better understand and disseminate the implications of climate change within your company.


Make your company and your employees players in the ecological transition by launching an educational approach.


In this 45-minute session, you'll learn about the 2tonnes workshop and how it works:

  • explanation of the workshop (why 2tonnes, how it's organized, fees)

  • demonstration of the live tool

  • questions/answers


Registration is free and compulsory.

Workshop objectives

A workshop tailored to your context and objectives.

Acquire an effective and desirable decision-making method

Offer a quantified vision to help you make informed decisions | Learn about possible solutions | Prioritize according to a strategy | Visualize the impact of your actions

Initiating a gradual and ambitious transition process

Initiate a progressive and ambitious transition process (self-efficacy)

Acquire knowledge and understand orders of magnitude

Acquire knowledge (planetary limits, effective levers, co-benefits) | Develop a systemic vision of the ecological transition and be able to project oneself concretely on an individual, professional and societal scale to build solutions

Developing interpersonal skills

Develop a posture of listening, dialogue and cooperation; know how to position yourself in a debate | Develop a positive, solution- and progress-oriented emotional relationship, without feeling guilty | Develop the ability to make personal decisions and take action, with responsibility and in the service of the community.

Atelier entreprises 2 tonnes

Deploy the workshop on a large scale through training!

Want to get your company moving? Engage it in a low-carbon transition to support your HR or CSR approach?


Train your organization's internal facilitators to run workshops for their colleagues, with a view to reaching a large number of employees.


I haven't experienced the workshop yet, and I'd like to get the feel of it before possibly training to run it later:

A workshop for your event

Would you like to mark the occasion?


2tonnes is the ideal tool for teambuilding, a seminar or to highlight a key date (launch of your CSR or HR roadmap). 


Whether you call on our professional facilitators OR train in-house facilitators to run the workshops themselves, with a view to reaching a large number of employees.

Mobilize | Federate | Inspire | Build loyalty

Atelier 2tonnes evenement

What makes 2tonnes unique?

La fresque du climat

A natural complementarity with La Fresque du Climat

  • Consider the solutions after discovering the problems. Inspirational messages to take action!

  • A collective and systemic approach to the transition, beyond individual eco-gestures

  • Continuity in the format and the pedagogical approach. Innovative and fun aspect.

Individual carbon footprints for each participant

  • Filling in a questionnaire before the workshop (duration: 5 to 15 minutes depending on the level of details).

  • Evaluation during the workshop.

  • Possibility to export it in pdf or to print it

A toolkit for further action after the workshop

  • Continuous access for participants to the platform after the workshop for data consultation

  • A summary of the selected actions and lessons learned sent after the workshop

  • Transmission of resources on low-carbon transition scenarios and their implementation

Adjustment of the content and structure according to your objectives

  • Adjustment of the workshop: guided brainstorms on topics related to the company...

  • Related to the company's activity with a specific technical data if necessary

  • Approval of the key final points to relate to the company's current situation

They attended 2tonnes!