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All about 2tonnes


Our history

  • End of 2019: Creation of the first version of the workshop by François

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  • January 2020: Meeting of François and Pierre-Alix, the 2 future co-founders of 2tonnes Compagnie, during a seminar on La Fresque du Climat at the Campus de la Transition

  • February 2020: Creation of the web platform (which has been improving continuously since)

  • March 2020: First training for the animation of the public workshops and workshop organizations

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  • First half 2020 First animations company (Decathlon, Essilor, Mayor of Arceuil) and universities (HEC, Supélec Central ...)

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  • September 2020: Francis and Pierre-Alix take the game and after a few passionate work sessions, and decide to devote full time to the project to expand as much as he deserves

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  • November 2020: Giant animation, online and simultaneously, for the entire promotion of Centrale-Supélec (700 students!)

  • January 2021: Launch of the World version of the workshop, allowing the transition to be considered at the global level, and including specific data from 31 countries and geographical areas (United States, China, Argentina, Thailand, Egypt, Nigeria ... .)

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Humanity must face the ecological limits of the Earth. The distribution of spaces and resources today does not allow everyone to live in dignity and happiness. In addition, the resources available per person are diminishing, and threatening a large part of current and future generations in unlivable conditions. Finally, those who have a dignified lifestyle are not necessarily happy.

It is possible to change the conditions of human life to enable all future generations to live in dignity and to be happy. These conditions are possible and favored by a little disturbed climate.

This change should reduce climate change as much as possible, ie + 1.5 ° C in 2100. It should therefore reduce our GHG emissions. For example, this mainly involves emitting on average less than 2tCO2e / person in 2050.


Getting there, or getting closer to it, requires an effective, global and profound transition of our modes of development and our cultures, which must take place now.

But let's not wait until 2050 to be happy! Current generations can also improve their own living conditions and be happier now as they thrive in this transition.

This transition has already started. Our reason for being is to catalyze it. For the dignity and happiness of humanity who will live tomorrow, but also for those who live today.

We believe that the transition is an opportunity to be happy. That the climate is a challenge that can give meaning to what we do. That getting involved, taking action, in one way or another, makes you happy.

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We believe that 2 tons is not an indicator, but a social project, and that if we play down a bit, we can give everyone the freedom to join this project, expressing their singularity and being in control. of his choices.

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We believe that everyone's action counts and makes a difference. Whether the transition is possible and depends on us.

We believe that there is room for everyone in the transition, that we should not infantilize people, but trust them.


Our mission is to enable as many people and organizations as possible to become successful players in the transition to a low-carbon world.

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For this, we create, thanks to the 2tonnes workshop, immersive, allegorical and educational experiences for individuals in order to:

  • Make them responsible (and not make them feel guilty) and make them aware of their power of action

  • Make them want to act for an objective to which they adhere for its ambition and its values

  • Make them want to act because they thrive in action

Raison d'être

In numbers


People who participated in the workshop



of the workshop


Lines of code for the web platform

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-21 at 17.32.08 (2

Francois LAUGIER


Idol: Louis de Funès

After graduating from Centrale Lyon as an engineer in 2018, he took a deep interest in environmental issues and got involved in several associations such as the Climate Fresco (facilitator and trainer), Réseau Mycélium (co-founder) and PikPik Environment.

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These experiences reinforced his interest in the psychology of change and pedagogy, and to make it his profession. Consultant and independent trainer, he has supported several companies in carrying out their Carbon Balance, and built tailor-made training courses. He also created the workshop "How to act for the climate?" in 2019, and carried the project until he joined forces with Pierre-Alix.

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He admires Louis de Funès for his talent, his originality, his humor, but also his humility and his search for excellence.

Image de Jack van Belzen



Animal totem: The warthog

Former Director of Operations in team mobilization consulting in Canada, he then went to Argentina, where he co-founded an energy transition consulting company, before returning to France and meeting François via La Fresque du Weather.

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Passionate about the organizational and cultural aspects of change, Pierre-Alix is ​​responsible for the development of 2 tons in companies, partnerships, communication and the structuring of the community of facilitators.

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Why the warthog? For this mixture of power, self-mockery and subtlety. And also because he never tires of the sound of the word "warthog"


The team

For this ambitious project, we wanted to have the best.
Unfortunately, they were not available. We had to take what we had on hand.

Jimmy EUNG

Back-end developer

Emblem: ShowYourStripes

Passionate about topics related to ecology and sustainable development, Jimmy discovered 2Tonnes as part of the 7th season of Data For Good which launched the platform.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Formerly Data Engineer and now Data Analyst at Phenix, Jimmy helps in his spare time 2Tonnes, in particular on the development of the back-end part of the platform and the management of his database. It also contributes to the reflections on the definition of the new functionalities of the platform.

What is #ShowYourStripes? It lets you go look on the internet. Why ? Because it's simple, understandable, revealing, and he feels it's important to remember why we all do this.




Animal totem: The duck

A computer engineer, Xavier spent 28 years in IT before going freelance in 2018 in the areas of software development and Cloud training.

Xavier met François during a 2Tonnes workshop in January 2020.

Sensitized to global warming for several years, Xavier has been involved in the development of the 2Tonnes platform since February 2020 and is also the game host.

Why the duck? Because Xavier loves Donald Duck, whom he seems to imitate perfectly.

Capture d’écran 2021-03-21 à


Back-end developer

Animal totem: The stick insect

An engineer by training, Augustin has been working as a Data Scientist since graduating from school in 2018.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

He discovered 2tonnes by participating in one of the first public workshops, then got involved in the project during the call for contributions for DataForGood in February 2020.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

His contribution relates mainly to the implementation of the simulator: from the calculation of the carbon footprint to the effects of actions.

Why the stick insect? He doesn't like to be the center of attention and prefers to blend in with the background. Move along, there's nothing to see !

66121617 (1).jpeg
hans-jurgen-mager-qQWV91TTBrE-unsplash (


Developer Frontend

Totem animal: Polar bear

Not convinced by her former job as a quality automotive engineer, she gave up everything to settle in Berlin and train as a web developer. She is now developing for 2 tons and also runs workshops.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Vegetarian and getting around almost exclusively by bicycle (among other things), she defends a sustainable and resilient lifestyle. She tries to reach as many people as possible with 2 tons.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Why the polar bear? Because he is the animal symbol of global warming and he is a little clumsy with his big paws!



Community leader and facilitator

Symbol: Serendipity (ability to make an unexpected discovery by chance and to grasp its scientific or practical utility)

Project Manager in professional (r) evolution, involved in many projects such as La Fresque du Climat, Avenir Climatique or even Map In Action.

He puts his skills and his commitment at the service of structures that wish to rise to the challenges of today!

Within 2tonnes, he is a committed, passionate, experienced facilitator, and occupies the role of facilitator of the growing community of the project.

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