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The workshop

Explore the future, makethe right choicesForreduce emissionsuntil 2050, and see the results inreal time!



5 to 10 minutes to carry out your individual carbon footprint upstream

Participants have access to data after the workshop and take action commitments to become actors of the transition! 



Presentation of the causes and consequences of climate change and the climate action framework; introduction to carbon accounting


1 animator.



6 to 15 people


Interpretation of results, key lessons, brainstorms  to invent new actions, and inspiring conclusion.




8 rounds of individual and collective action alternately to simulate the evolution of emissions until 2050

The simulation

An interactive and immersive experience thanks to a web platform and an innovative educational model.

Explore, test, visualize and learn by doing!

Choose your actions

Capture d’écran 2022-08-22 à 15.09.53.png

Select the actions most relevant to you, at individual and national level, and find out if they have a lot of impact (or not!) 

Build your scenario

Gradually build your low-carbon transition scenario up to 2050 thanks to a turn-based system: each turn represents a few years!

Discover the keys to a successful low-carbon transition!

Learn from the experience and interpret the data with the facilitator to discover the keys to a successful low-carbon transition!

The workshop