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The immersive workshop

Explore the future and act together for climate !

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*For businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and public bodies

One goal, 2 tons!

In order to limit climate change, the 2015 Paris Agreement set a course: to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases to 2 tons CO2 equivalent by 2050


OK, but how do we take action ?

The 2tonnes workshop

An immersive, allegorical and playful experience

5-15 minutes to measure your own carbon footprint





Causes and consequences of climate change ; introduction to carbon accounting



8 rounds of action to simulate the ecological transition all the way to 2050



Interpretation of the results ; key messages



Participants take a pledge to act and become players of the ecological transition!

during the workshop

before the workshop

after the workshop

*For businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and public bodies


They played 2tonnes!

They enjoyed it!


Stanislas Guerini, Minister of Transformation and Public Service

"The 2 ton workshopis a workshop that really impressed me. It shows us  that even if the climate goals are ambitious, it is still possible to achieve them.

One of the main lessons of the workshop for me was to understand that action against climate change is not only a matter of forced choices: we have many options before us and we must, collectively, decide which type of low-carbon society we want to create. »


“The deployment of 2 tonnes within the Essilor International teams contributes to awareness , mobilization and real empowerment of employees. The approach positive, participatory, solution-oriented workshop allows everyone to understand their carbon footprint and concrete ways to reduce it to contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The workshop  also helped to generate an exponential internal dynamic, arousing the enthusiasm of new participants and departments, creating links between international teams and receiving the good report of the management teams. This dynamic is also supported by a growing number of leaders and by the constitution of an internal community , which activates exchanges, debates, and learning on the climate , of which a growing proportion of employees are concerned. These leaders are gradually becoming enlightened ambassadors of the climate issue , internally and externally, as well as catalysts for initiatives, thus helping to make Essilor a learning and active organization . "

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