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The challengeStudent !

The 2tonne Challenge is a national program for  higher education students.
His goal ? Allow everyone to engage in their own way in the low-carbon transition and to question the role they will play in it.

Presentation video of the 2tonnes workshop as part of the Climate Day ofKedge Business School- February 2023

After having understood the issues and the need for an urgent action on climate change (via the "la Rentrée Climat" event, for example), allow your students to see themselves forward to 2050 and to experiment in groups with the transformations and decisions needed in the coming decades to meet the climate challenge, thanks to a fun, immersive and personalised workshop based on an innovative teaching approach!  

Why ?

Thanks to programs such as the "la Rentrée Climat"  tens of thousands of students are now educated on climate issues!  Many institutions have managed to take the responsibility for this topic and to internalise the approach.

Le Défi 2tonnes  allows them to go one step further. From understanding the problem to finding real solutions, at the individual, professional and collective levels, during a collective brain storming workshop that is highly complementary to La Fresque du Climat. The internal deployment mechanism of Défi 2tonnes is similar to that of the Rentrée Climat, so that the pedagogical aspects of the two workshops are accompanied by logistical simplicity for the schools.

It is not necessary to offer the Fresque to your students in order to achieve  the 2tonnes workshop.

The 2tonne Challenge allows them  to go one step further, moving from understanding the problem to finding concrete solutions, both at the individual, professional and collective level, during a collective intelligence workshop that is very complementary to The Climate Fresco. The internal deployment system of the 2tonne Challenge is similar to that of the Climate Back to School, so that the educational complementarity of the 2 workshopsis accompanied  with logistical simplicity forestablishments.

It is not essential to offer the Fresco to your students to carry out the 2 ton workshop.


For who ?

Le Défi 2tonnes leur permet de franchir une étape de plus, en passant de la compréhension du problème à la recherche de solutions concrètes, autant au niveau individuel, professionnel que collectif, lors d'un atelier d'intelligence collective très complémentaire à La Fresque du Climat. Le dispositif de déploiement interne du Défi 2tonnes est semblable à celui de la Rentrée Climat, pour que la complémentarité pédagogique des 2 ateliers s'accompagne d'une simplicité logistique pour les établissements.

Participez à une réunion de présentation !

Trois fois par semaine, nous vous proposons un créneau de 30 min – 45 min pour en savoir plus et comprendre en quoi consiste l'atelier, quelle est sa pédagogie, comment il peut s'inscrire dans un parcours de formation, et comment le déployer dans votre établissement !

Cette session est exclusivement destinée aux établissements de l'enseignement supérieur.

L'inscription est gratuite et obligatoire.

Vous avez déjà une idée concrète ?

The 2tonnes workshop


2 to 3 hours to introduce, play and debate together.


6 to 15 participants per group


1 animator / facilitator 

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Face-to-face or remote

Texte d'explication


The workshop summed up in one sentence? They didn't know it was impossible so they did!

"Thank you for this super enriching experience for individuals and for the long term for the company!"                         


"Today everyone is aware that there is a climate crisis but only a few people realise how difficult it is to solve. 2tonnes shows this complexity but also gives concrete ways and tools. The workshop invites students to show leadership on this subject by playing the role of decision-makers and by asking students about their role and ability to act. It also shows the importance of collective choices, in which our students, through their career choices, will have a big role to play.

As the workshop covers 30 years, it allows students to project themselves into their careers."

Christophe Laux, Director of the Leadership and Engineering Professions Department, CentraleSupélec

They did it !

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How it works ?

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