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Groupe atelier 2tonnes

Attending a 2tonnes workshop

Discover our two types of workshops: for the general public or for professionals.


Register to take part in one of our upcoming on-site or online sessions.

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The 2tonnes workshop in 3 steps

Your carbon footprint

Calculate your personal carbon footprint and try to reduce it!

Individual and collective decisions

As a team, you'll have to choose between individual and collective actions.

Our future!

Travel to 2050 and decide how you can take action for the climate!

Atelier 2tonnes

General public workshops

Hosted by volunteers, these public sessions are aimed primarily at private individuals, although business participants are welcome, up to a limit of 2 representatives per company.


New sessions are added regularly, and we do our best to vary time slots and locations.


There are two versions of the workshop, depending on the area in which you would like to experience it: the French version (VF) and the World version.


I'm interested in a workshop :

Professional workshops

Employees, civil servants, managers, elected representatives... discover 2tonnes at a professional workshop! Led by professionals, these sessions are designed for employees and civil servants alike.

Starting in September 2023, workshops will be held regularly in every region of France!

The first 10 places in each city are 35€!

Atelier professionnel
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