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2tonnes higher education

The 2tonnes workshop in Higher Education

Develop a positive relationship with the ecological transition and inspire people to take action by experimenting with the various levers of action!


"Preparing all citizens for the ecological transition is one of the missions of Higher Education." Jouzel-Abbadie report, February 2022

Why deploy 2tonnes?

To ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills needed to grasp the challenges of the ecological transition, the Jouzel-Abbadie report recommends that all students at BAC+2 level be trained by 2027, and recommends the integration of a minimum of 20 hours of training.

In just 3 hours, the 2tonnes workshop develops a wide range of knowledge and skills related to the ecological transition.

The workshop addresses the notions of carbon footprint, order of magnitude of CO2 emissions and levers for action to mitigate climate change, and integrates these reflections into a systemic vision that takes into account all the constituent elements of the ecological transition, evoking in particular planetary limits and Kate Raworth's Donut Theory.

The 2tonnes workshop is very much in line with the recommendations of the Jouzel-Abbadie report, both in terms of the pedagogical approach and the knowledge and skills base developed!

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2tonnes, an educational resource adapted to teaching.

The 2tonnes workshop is an easy-to-use teaching resource, flexible in its set-up, and particularly effective in its teaching!

It enables you to get the ball rolling quickly in your school and accelerate the integration of ecological transition issues into teaching, while remaining very consistent with the recommendations of the Jouzel-Abbadie report.

Back to school in 2023: let's go even further! 2tonnes is committed to higher education.

Faced with the ecological emergency and the need for massive training in the issues at stake so that we can act quickly and concretely, the 2tonnes workshop is a powerful educational resource with a proven track record.

The start of the 2023 school year must be an opportunity to raise our ambitions and turn the corner to accelerate the ecological transition. To help make this possible, we have taken a number of important decisions.

How does it work?


An active, empowering approach that enables you to quickly grasp the key concepts of ecological transition.

For whom?

A workshop for students and staff alike, who can find answers to their respective challenges.


A concrete, personalized experience that creates a momentum for action and a positive attitude towards transition!


The workshops last an average of 3 hours.


15 people / group maximum

1 instructor per group


At any time, and in one or more slots during the school year.

They talk about us...

Christophe Laux



Director of the Leadership and Engineering Professions Department, CentraleSupélec

"The workshop invites students to demonstrate leadership on climate issues, by embodying decision-makers and questioning students about their role and power to act in the face of this global challenge. It also demonstrates the importance of collective choices."

Pierre-Alexandre Monet



CESI Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

"100% participation and 100% satisfaction. They got a lot of input on their way of life and their means of action according to their personal criteria. The intergenerational aspect of the workshop made the exchanges much richer."

Their students - and many others - attended the workshop!

EM Normandie
Toulouse université
Paris Eiffel
ecole des ponts
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