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Give your students the means and the desire to act for the climate !

2tonnes is the immersive and educational workshop which allows you to understand the solutions to limit climate change and take concrete action , in your own way!


What if YOU gave your students the desire to act?

They did the workshop!

Graphique 2tonnes

*Sur tous les devis signés avant le 30.04.23, concernant des ateliers 2tonnes effectués entre septembre et novembre 2024.

of students would like to be more trained in ecological transition.

students want to take action after participating in a 2tonnes workshop.

Alix Polytechnique

École polytechnique

"The workshop invites students to demonstrate leadership on climate issues, by embodying decision-makers and questioning students about their role and power to act in the face of this global challenge. It also demonstrates the importance of collective choices."

Une étudiante conquise

How to deploy 2tonnes workshop within your structure?

2tonnes is committed to helping you! Our team dedicated to Higher Education is here to encourage you, equip you and help you deploy the workshop in your establishment.


And as the 2024 school year is coming very quickly... Don't wait any longer to contact us !

Why deploy 2tonnes?

To ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills needed to grasp the challenges of the ecological transition, the Jouzel-Abbadie report recommends that all students at BAC+2 level be trained by 2027, and recommends the integration of a minimum of 20 hours of training.

In just 3 hours, the 2tonnes workshop develops a wide range of knowledge and skills related to the ecological transition.

The workshop addresses the notions of carbon footprint, order of magnitude of CO2 emissions and levers for action to mitigate climate change, and integrates these reflections into a systemic vision that takes into account all the constituent elements of the ecological transition, evoking in particular planetary limits and Kate Raworth's Donut Theory.

The 2tonnes workshop is very much in line with the recommendations of the Jouzel-Abbadie report, both in terms of the pedagogical approach and the knowledge and skills base developed!

* Integration of ecological transition issues in all sectors by 2025, with 30 hours of courses and 3 ECTS credits in the 1st cycle.

The example of KEDGE Business School

How it works ?

For whom?

A workshop for students and staff alike, who can find answers to their respective challenges.


An active, empowering approach that enables you to quickly grasp the key concepts of ecological transition.


A concrete, personalized experience that creates a momentum for action and a positive attitude towards transition!

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