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2tonnes, the immersive workshop to explore the future and act together for climate!

In 3 hours and in teams, discover the individual and collective levers of the transition to a low-carbon society, project yourself to 2050 and identify the role you wish to play in this transition!

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* Companies, Education , Public Authorities, Associations...

Why 2 tonnes?


Average emissions per French (tCO2e / pers. / Year)

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In 2050 :

2 tonnes

2 tonnes of CO2e equivalent per year is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per person in a CO2 neutral world.

It is also the objective to be reached by 2050 in order to respect the commitments of the Paris Agreement : to keep the increase in global temperature at a level below 2 degrees.

Today, on average, each French person emits 9,5 tCO2e / year .

   "But what can be done to reduce it?

How to act effectively for the climate? "

Today :

9,6 tonnes

Which individual actions to prioritize?

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Buy local or use an electric car?

What collective actions to invest in?




Deploy anaerobic digestion or wind turbines?

How to influence the debates and affect the others?




Raising awareness or acting for the Climate?


The 2tonne workshop invites participants to explore the future in teams and try to limit climate change by reaching the 2tonnes per year per person by 2050.


To allow a systemic understanding of the issues, the workshop takes into account the individual and collective dimensions of the subject, without forgetting the role of influence, a key issue in the transformation of society.


Aimed at both novices and experts on the subject of climate change, it is also a real serious game, designed to bring people together and debate together, so that everyone can have fun and express their opinions.


Have you always dreamed of putting yourself in the shoes of a Minister, or talking about the climate with Donald Trump? Take part in the game!


Your goal is ambitious, but your budget is limited! Will you be able to make the right choices?

Discover the workshop in 3 minutes:

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2tonnes gives you the tools to take action!
Explore the future, make the right choices to reduce emissions until 2050, and see the results in real time!

Multiple individual and collective choices of actions to be arbitrated in order to move towards carbon neutrality

Based on scientific data from recognized organizations (Ademe, Insee, Negawatt, etc.)

Create your own carbon footprint and work with your own data!

Become a public and private decision-maker and test multiple methods of governance in order to make the right decisions!

Organization  of a workshop

No prerequisite for the participants, the workshop is intended as much for the "novices" as for the experts of the subject!

2 to 3h


6 to 15 participants per


1 animator-facilitator and an expert

Face-to-face or remote

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5-10 minutes to carry out your individual carbon footprint upstream



Presentation of the causes and consequences of climate change and the framework for climate action; introduction to carbon accounting




8 rounds of invidivual and collective action in order to simulate the evolution of emissions until 2050.


Discussing the results, key findings, brainstorming, coming up with new activities and an inspiring conclusion.


Participants have access to their data after the workshop to make commitments and to become actors of the transition! 




Take part in a workshop!
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The simulation

        An interactive and immersive experience thanks to a web platform and an innovative educational model.
                                                                      Explore, try out, visualise and learn by acting!

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Choose the actions that are most relevant to you, at individual and national level, and find out what impact they have ( or not)

Progressively build your low-carbon transition scenario until 2050 using a round-based system: each round represents a few years! (1).gif
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Learn from the experience and explore the data with the facilitator to discover the tools for a successful low-carbon transition!

They played 2tonnes!